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“Fabulous Hats” by Giuliana Berengan

Saturday, September 29th, 2007

The title “FABULOUS HATS” gives a good indication of the book’s style: a long story that covers the events of men’s hats from its more archaic forms up to the modern twentieth century styles.

Cloaks, hoods, caps, felt hats, three-cornered hats, straw hats, busbies, homburgs, derbies and top hats all play the role of protagonists in the narration of man’s history, seen through the history of his hats as they bring back images, characters and atmosphere.

history of hats bookCuriosities, news, anecdotes, vices and virtues of this simultaneously aesthetic and functional piece of apparel, flow in the background of events like an old silent movie. Humphrey Bogart, Caruso, Rudolf Valentino, Toscanini, D’Annunzio, Puccini and Nuvolari are only a few of the characters which presented themselves to us with their inseparable head wear.

The book also wants to pay homage to all those who, by making them, wearing them, creating new models and immortalizing them in different artistic forms and materials, have contributed in safeguarding and increasing the value of the hat tradition as an irreplaceable complement of male elegance.

The “Fabulous Hats” website is born

Thursday, September 20th, 2007

The English hat shop of via Gordini 3 in Ravenna celebrated its 34th birthday in February 2007.

Founder and owner, Roberto Manzoni, wanted to give the shop a special present: a “custom tailored” book that pays homage to the noble and antique art of hat making and to hats which throughout the centuries have been inseparable companions to the men that have worn them.

This website presents a free version of various chapters drawn from the book “Fabulous Hats” written by Giuliana Berengan, which will be issued periodically.